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How do you find anything in the mountain of data on your PC?
How do you organise, maintain, archive and protect your files?
How do you avoid surrendering to the Powers of Darkness?

Checkpoint Commander, the vital tool for Information Management!

For screenshots and more information, please see the user guide.

Download from Sourceforge.

All bugs, feature requests, discussion etc to the collaboration server please, not to SourceForge. Thx.

Please note that Java 6 JRE is required. Checkpoint Commander has only been tested against the Sun JRE (linked to here), but may work against a Free JRE which conforms to the Java 6 specification.

Latest News
10 August 2007
CPC 6.1.0 is out! Improved installer. Improved (largely re-written!) audio player for more robust playback on slower machines or remote connections, and pre-cueing for gap-free changeover between tracks. Find files or folders reports total number and size of matching files. Result-sets may now contain multiple copies of the same file. Better handling of folder looparound when tracking. Performance improvements. Better error reporting support. Source build fixes.
25 June 2007
CPC 6.1.0 released to internal QA.
8 June 2007
CPC 6.0.1 is out! Advanced connection options for helper apps. Support for saving result sets. Support for rearranging result sets. Improved MIME management / viewer binding interface. Improved XSPF support. Basic file metadata support - file size and last-modified time. Checkpoint 6 compatibility.
16 March 2007
CPC 6.0.1 released to internal QA.
29 Jan 2007
CPC 6.0.0 closed beta ends.
9 September 2006
CPC 6.0.0 goes into closed beta. Checkpoint 6 offers a major architecture upgrade, and there are some big new features in CPC 6 as well. See the sidebar for the release notes.
8 April 2006
CPC 5.7.1 is out! Usability Cleanups. Audio player now supports M3U files (with some limitations - see release notes). Improvements to text editor: undo / redo, find / replace, save as.
6 April 2006
CPC 5.7.1 released to internal QA.
6 January 2005
CPC 5.7.0 is out! See the sidebar for release notes and download links. NB. Java 5 is required for this release; it won't run under Java 1.4.
9 December 2005
CPC 5.7.0 released to internal QA. This release migrates Checkpoint Commander to Java 5. NB. Java 5 will be *required* for this release; it won't run under Java 1.4.
1 December 2005
Collaboration server is back up. Hopefully we won't have that again - dial-up Internet connectivity, what fun...
4 November 2005
The collaboration server is offline due to comms problems. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.
24 October 2005
CPC 5.6.0 is out! See the sidebar for release notes and download links.
21 October 2005
Project approved by SourceForge. The system is coming up, please wait...
29 September 2005
Checkpoint Commander 5.6.0 released to internal QA. Primarily a consolidation and cleanup release, this also changes the license to LGPL. The first public release.
17 August 2005
Checkpoint Commander 5.5.2 released to internal QA. Interim bugfix release.
30 March 2005
Checkpoint Commander 5.5.0 released to internal QA. Cryptography changes and an upgraded audio player.
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