Checkpoint Commander - User Guide

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Author: John Dickson, CCS
Editor: Will Dickson, CCS
Version: 1.4.0-free
Date: 10 August 2007

This User Guide is one of an introductory series of guides issued with the first public release of the Checkpoint® Host Architecture. It assumes that users are familiar with the usual processes of installing, configuring, and running applications on their platform of choice, and have some experience of the ways in which such software generally operates. It also assumes that they have experienced the well known problems of organising large numbers of data files within a typical 'folder-tree' filesystem.

More detailed information will be provided in a series of Tutorials and Reference Documents which will be produced as a result of feedback from users.

Authored in CXD using Checkpoint Information Engineering Workbench   Copyright © Caversham Computer Services Ltd.