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CPC uses a number of third-party libraries. The binary distribution contains the code jars of these; these are sufficient to create a working build from the CPC source. To look deeper, the libraries are provided by the following organisations / people:

We also provide a version of Doug Lea's concurrency library which is superficially cleaned up (well, we think so!) wrt. the official version. Doug Lea takes the view that, since this library is obsoleted by a replacement version which is part of Java 5, he would like it to fade from view; he therefore declined our cleanups. Therefore our version is effectively a fork, which you can obtain from the project files. This library fork is now obsolete as far as we are concerned and is not used in versions of CPC newer than 5.6.0. We don't intend to take the existing version down, but we don't support it any more either.

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