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Author: Will Dickson, CRG
Version: 1.0.0
Date: 29-Sep-2005

Consolidation and cleanup release. Changed license to LGPL.

Read on for the download link.

Java Version

This release requires Java 1.4.2 or better. We do not support 1.4.1 or below.

J2SE 5.0 (aka. Java 1.5) is not currently supported. Currently we intend to migrate for Checkpoint 6.


To install CPC from scratch, follow the instructions inside the distribution zip.


Upgrade to 5.4.0 or better before attempting this upgrade. Then upgrade in the usual way, ie. install "over the top" of the current installation. Follow the installation instructions which come with the distribution.

System specification

Minimum supported: Windows98, 200MHz CPU, 64MB RAM, lots of patience.

Recommended: 600MHz CPU, 256MB RAM, Windows2000 or Linux (Kernel 2.4, modern glibc).

Windows 95 is no longer officially supported by Sun (or Microsoft). However, it seems to work anyway; no guarantees but you should be OK.

Known issues

Unix only: If you're installing in Server configuration, and are only installing CPC, you will need to run browserset (located in /opt/cpoint/bin) as the Checkpoint user, before trying to run CPC as yourself.

CPC text editor (Windows2000 only): CPC's internal viewers prefer to use Alt+Up and Alt+Down (arrow keys) to track through whatever result set they are operating on. (Apart from the Internal HTML Viewer, which plays differently because it's running inside a browser). However, when using the Internal Text Viewer on Windows2000 these key combinations inject junk characters into the text.
Workaround: Use Alt+Space and Alt+Backspace as alternatives. (These also work on the other viewers).

CPC Audio Player: Some files don't disclose their own duration (via the rather limited reporting available in Java 1.4 - this gets better in Java 1.5), and so the length is reported as ??.??. Occasionally you may see the sample size and sample rate reported as -1. There seem to be some WAV variants which have a variable data rate; the player can't handle these. (It's not alone in this.)


Download via Sourceforge

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