ccs Various cross-package exception classes. The Checkpoint audio system. The Checkpoint audio system washes decoded audio data through a chain of filters. Basic GUI components for the Checkpoint audio back-end.
ccs.beetree A B-Tree-based BLOB persistence engine.
ccs.cdb Object-persistence layer on top of the BeeTree BLOB-persistence engine.
ccs.chaos Provides cryptosecure pseudorandom numbers.
ccs.crypt Symmetric cryptographic primitives.
ccs.http Utility methods for HTTP servers.
ccs.mime Classes for MIME entities, similar structures inside certain non-MIME protocols, (HTTP to the white courtesy phone please) and allied trades.
ccs.protocol.mux The mux:// (multiplexer) protocol provides access to an arbitrary collection of pre-registered URLConnection classes, using a path prefix as a discriminator.
ccs.swing18 Subclasses of various Swing components, mildly extended to interface with CCS' internationalisation (I18N) infrastructure.
ccs.utils Multifarious utility classes.
ccs.xml Classes for manipulating XML, and particularly the CXT XML language used for data documents (which are transformed into a renderable output document - XHTML or similar - using XSLT).